Abyssal Zone

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Abyssal Zone (2010)

The ocean’s abyssal zone is cold, dark and silent. So is the obscure region where nameless desire, anguish, resentment and fear weave raw pain and pleasure; immaterial states in search of material support to enable full existence. In the region where the imaginary and the real touch, images, objects and words seek meaning and meaning seeks a name and body. The pain caused by loss and absence does not originate in the body, rather settles in it. This is a kind of pain in which an encounter, or a lack thereof, is presumed – fulfillment or emptiness. We wander around as if blind, thirsting for understanding yet we are unable to understand. Confronted with the impossibility of giving or finding meaning, we get a fragmented glimpse at the fear of ceasing to exist being an actual possibility: Chaos, disarray, invisibility. The concreteness of the body rescues us and leads us back to a transient, impermanent reality: being and no longer being is a condition of existence. In such a lonely abyss, we fear what the body simply knows.

According to the Stoic theory of Incorporeal, the empty space only becomes a place when a body goes into it. (Anne Cauquelin)

Creation and Interpretation:
Clébio Oliveira
Light Design: Bruno Barreto
Costume Design: Loris Haas
Collaboration: Daniela Fusaro
Photography: Renato Mangolin
Producer: Sonja Gradel
Premiere: 2010

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