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This contemporary dance performance, conceived and choreographed by Clébio Oliveira, is inspired on the romance Vidas Secas, by Graciliano Ramos, one of the most famous Brazilian writers. It tries to recreate the atmosphere that mixes anguish, misery and hope. The choreography presents a fragmented and interdependent structure, which allows the dialogue with the characters. The work captures all the feelings kept inside the words, and looks for the hidden gesture, the lack of communication and the attitudes that lead people to isolate.

Conception, choreography and direction:
Clébio Oliveira
Performers: Alessandra Salamonde, Aline Arakaki, Fabiana Nunes, Marcela Donato, Paula Maracajá
Musician: Antonio Fidélis
Costumes: Cássio Brasil
Light design: Bruno Barreto
Producer: Sonja Gradel
Premiere: 2006

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