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Gravity is one of the things that we accept as an absolute given. As a result, we are equally certain of two other things – the fact that gravity will always be there, and that it will never change. But let’s ignore the laws of physics for once and imagine that gravity could suddenly be switched off, that it suddenly ceased to exist. What would happen without the power of gravity on earth? How would we adapt to this new reality? These are the questions and prompts that provide the central motto of the Choreogravity performance. Far from claiming to exemplify anything according to the laws of physics, our main interest here is to create something from a poetic, metaphorical and hypothetical vantage point, but above all simply from the imagination.

Choreogravity toys with the idea of deconstructing gravity through dance and how this deconstruction can be shown in the interplay of choreography and gravity, thus creating a whole, an abstract dialogue in time-space.

Dancing Museum Project

A Program offered by MAM – Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo Dance Company

Choreography :
Clébio Oliveira
Premiere: 2015

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