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Homesickness, what a beautiful word. Homesickness is a kind of existential call that beckons us to explore our roots, to seek our own authenticity and uniqueness, and to find a place where we can discover our true purpose. Homesickness offers us the opportunity to recognize our true self and to understand the meaning of our existence in this fleeting world.

Homesickness goes beyond mere nostalgia and proves to be an invitation to explore the unknown territories of our own existence, to give meaning to our journey through this fleeting space-time. The choreography is an invitation to not see homesickness as a burden, but as a beacon that leads us to our true selves, to the home that lies within our own being.

From the perspective of Clébio Oliveira, homesickness presents itself as an ethereal and metaphorical scenery, a voyage on the high seas that mirrors human emotions. These deep waters of “homesickness” reflect the complexity of this feeling, exploring the depths of the subconscious and shedding light on the interplay of our emotions.

Concept, choreography, costume and light designer
Clébio Oliveira


Júlia Cortés, Clément Coudry-Herlin, Samuël Dorn, Phong Le Thanh, Irene La Monaca, Vicent Muñoz Amo, Pau Pérez Piqué, Hugo Prunet, Claudia Rietschel

Ballet Theater Lüneburg
Ballet Director
Olaf Schmidt

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