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OgnaT is an anthropophagic reading of the tango as something prior to the kind of dance it is known to be. Danced so often and sometimes associated with cliches, the tango is seen and thought of in this work as a metaphor of what makes us human beings, rather than some particular aesthetics or artistic language. Meat, smell, hunger, desire, taste, behavior. Movement. OgnaT is not a show to be seen, I think that would be a performance to be eaten, smelled and touched.

Choreography: Clébio Oliveira
Dancers: Dancers from Ballet da Cidade de Niteroi
Light Designer: Bruno Barreto
Make-up: Chiquinho Morgado
Pictures: Clayton Fiquerêdo
Musician: Rodrigo Gondim
Graphic Design: Marcos Arruzzo
Premiere: 2011

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