Strictly No Elephants

Project details

Strictly No Elephants is a piece that talks about perception as a portal, a gateway leading in and out of meaning.

We perceive “reality” according to the kind of dialogue we establish with it: thus, our perception is informed by reality just as much as it is informed by our perception. Meaning, then, is constructed in reciprocity – it is a two-way street.

In this show’s context, the subjective way in which we perceive our world is posited as an empowering tool for coping with reality.

Strictly no elephants means limiting access and denying freedom of movement to an animal that serves as a means of transportation in India; the same animal, however, would wreak incredible havoc on the roads of other countries.

In this piece, Strictly no elephants means forbidding the perception that focuses on obstacles and limitations, casting doubt on our capacity to deal with adversity.

Within this framework, forbidding elephants means setting our hopes on self-perception and our perception of the world around us as a force that engenders reality and informs it with new meaning.

Choreography: Clébio Oliveira
Artistic Director: Anderson Leão
Creation and Dancers: Álvaro Dantas, Jânia Santos, Joselma Soares, Marconi Araújo, Rodrigo Minotti e Rozeane Oliveira.
Light Design: Ronaldo Costa
Music: Toni Gregório
Costume: Loris Hass
Lighting Technician: Daivid costa
Collaboration: Daniela Fusaro
Photography: Rodrigo Sena
Marketing: Carol Carvalho
Project consultant: Ana Paula Medeiros
Financial Director: Cecília Amara
Executive Production: Celso Filho
Graphic Designer: Anderson Leão
Press: Gustavo Farache
Premiere: 2012

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