Inverno dos Cavalos

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INVERNO DOS CAVALOS (2017) / Winter of Horses

Migration is certainly not a recent phenomenon; on the contrary, it has been part of human history since its inception and is definitely not exclusive to human beings…. Animals and humans, from the most remote times, migrate for a variety of reasons. In fact, even sponges, larvae and jellyfish make use of this animal characteristic: the mobility to adapt to imperfect habitats. Migrating demands, in fact, a bit of courage, freedom, when planned over the long term…But what would happen if we were to migrate suddenly, due to natural or man-made catastrophes and, at times, conducted in a cruel and brutal manner? Before such questions, would we, human beings, manage to maintain rationality or would we instinctively act on the appeal for survival?

Inverno dos Cavalos examines the migration experience as a risk factor and psychological vulnerability as an intrinsic characteristic of migrants, in addition to making a reflection on forced migration systems and the “states of survival” that we need, to face, through, escape, resist: to survive.

Concept, Choreography, Costumes: Clébio Oliveira
Dancers: André Rosa, Gabriela Gorges, Guga Santos, Juarez Moniz, Júlia Vasques, Will Gomes
Light Designer: Anderson Galdino Nando / Clébio Oliveira
Khalil Oliveira
Sound Designer: Yves Fernandes e Joao Victor Moura
Co-compositor: Yes Fernandes
Oboe: Hugo Shin
Ólafur Armaldas (Música Verses)
CDTAM- Natal-Cdtam Natal-RN (Artistic Direction: Wanie Rose Medeiros)

Premier: 28.08.2017 Natal  Brazil

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