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It’s tricky and quite complex to use the term „visual retardation“ in a world so dominated by the image. The experience of individualism is defined by our interaction and reaction towards others and all things around us. We are touched by our surroundings. Before we give birth to our conception of the world we should grasp it with our senses. Sadly the majority is incapable of understanding that every visual experience witholds barriers. Seeing is subject to terms. We believe to see things as they truly are, yet we don’t – we merely perceive them through the lenses of our experience. The eyes are only part of our perceptive range, only a part. Who doesn’t see will perceive the world via himself, touch, movement and the environment. Milky Way is an experience – a voyage – lived within the body and touching upon the various possibilities with which one can see. This is about seeing with the body and the importance of movement as vehicle for the integration of the senses. Seeing is not merely bound to the limits of the capacity of the eyes, but is rather a greater whole. Seeing with the ears, the hands, the root of the mouth, seeing with the brain, the stomach and the soul.
Choreography: Clébio Oliveira

Creation and Dancers: Clébio Oliveira & Mercedes Appugliese
Costume: Miri Kämpfer – Kitsch Nation and Lorris Haas
Photography: Holger Diedrich
Light Designer: Jerry Geiger
Produktion / Management: Roland Wolf

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats

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