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Nothing is more exciting than the human mind. It’s able to make us believe in our own dreams, madness and insanity. It’s capable of creating monsters and also destroying them. It can confine us in a maze of mirrors with no possibility of escape. In this imaginary labyrinth, that which reflects is not what I see, but what I think I see. How are we really? How do we see ourselves; how do others see us? What do I see; what do I think I see? What is reflected before me?
Contemporary society tries to avoid the unpleasant and the repulsive as well as pain and unpleasantness. Thus, it creates the framework of pathological ugliness, which is not only considered useless, but also harmful.
In this new cartography, in which the body appears increasingly weak and unstable, located next to the beautiful is the pleasurable while the ugly is positioned alongside the undesirable and eliminable. Hence, efforts and procedures to modify aspects of ugly bodies and appearance have arisen.
Ugly proposes a provocation and an ethical reflection on aesthetics and politics, not only about the conditions of resistance to the tyranny of beauty in our culture, but also on the creative expression of subjectivity in our time.

Choreography and Direction: Clébio Oliveira
Creation and Dancers: Clébio Oliveira and Valetina Migliorati
Original Musik: Thomas Keller
Stage Designer: Heike Weimer
Costume Designer: Maik  Manfred
Licht Designer: Asier Solana
Pictures: Máni
Manager: Roland Wolf
P.R: Doreen Markert
Premiere: 2013

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