The Pink River

Project details

According to Freud, dreams function as a recepticle for repressed unconscious desires, creating an encrypted language from a mixture of consciously experienced memory fragments and repressed material. This cryptic dream language is full of symbolism in which nothing is quite what it seems, where everything is interrelated, leading to other mysterious and hidden meanings.

Repressed desires are never directly revealed; rather, they are conveyed by symbolic constructions. Things appear as their opposites, or distorted as if by a mirror;  but instead of showing a face, or what is on the outside, the mirror reveals what cannot be perceived directly. That which is forbidden and repressed is the dream’s material par excellence.

And then there is, on the other hand, the neurological approach: the body in all of its fullness and materiality. Not inward and subjective, but in the entirety of its bones and entrails covered by membrane. Under the skin there is nothing but chemistry, emotion, thoughts, memories.

The Pink River invites an inquiry into the idea of the dream as it is treated in the psychological and neurological schools of thought.

Thinking the dream as an exercise in confronting reality; an interplay of hallucinations and confabulations generating unfinished images.

Choreography: Clébio Oliveira
Artistic Director: Wanie Rose de Medeiros
Dancers: Cia de Dança do Teatro Alberto Maranhão
Light Designer: Ronaldo Costa
Costumes: Loris Haas
Graphic Designer: Dillo Tenório
Videos: Loop Studios
Premiere: 2011

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