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Scientific studies show that our brain has a limited storage capacity.  According to scientists, during the developmental process, each individual must delete some information so that new information can be stored.  The brain decides what to delete, all that is considered unimportant, giving place to other intellectual, sentimental or survival information.

However, we notice, as time goes by that some of this information is not deleted. For some reason, it is kept alive, present, and we are still capable of describing it with many details, even after many years.

There are some positive processes that help us remember things and store information. But there also are negative processes that help us forget information we already possess. (Isabelle Mansuy)

What happens in our brain that makes us keep whichever piece of information even after a long time?

Most of us can certainly tell how much memory our computer has or even the storage capacity of a compact disc. On the other hand, we know nothing about the functioning of our memory and how it is created.  Memory consists in storing information, but this information is not totally stored due to the limited capacity or the memory. During our lives we keep storing experiences, but there are some facts we don´t store just because they are not interesting or because we had some kind of difficulties during the encoding process. (Elisa Castro)

This piece does not focus the scientific process of memory, but its ludic aspect.  The choreographer offers a sum of the childhood memories of the three artists on stage using, for this purpose, some stories they have experienced. All those memories, stories and images were developed in a fragmented and independent way, generating what we could call “a fourth element”, an imaginary being, created from all these images.

Conception, choreography and Direction:
Clébio Oliveira
Performers: Marcela Donato and Clébio Oliveira
Original music and bandoneonist: Helana Rüegg
Percussionist: Seraphim
Light design: Bruno Barreto
Costume designer: Cassio Brasil
Executive: Production: Sonja Gradel
Premiere: 2006

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