Bowed String

Project details

Bowed String unfolds as a dialogue/encounter in which thought and poetry, reality and imagination intermingle, creating a unity where the past seems to have forgotten to live the future.

Luiz Gonzaga’s works are timeless. He created them in a primordial narrative and poetic realm that remains consistent throughout his works: an area plagued by hostile forces of nature and social and political injustice, but where respite is found in faith and the hope of changing history.

‘Bowed String’ is permeated by Luiz Gonzaga’s music, revealing an ideosyncratic artist who not only interpreted the Brazilian Northeast’s cultural universe, such as the June Festival (festa junina) or forró pé de serra (music style from the northeastern countryside); he also positioned himself on pressing issues of the Northeast such as drought or famine. Despite its peculiarities and paradoxes, everything in Gonzaga’s work takes on a certain color and luminosity that leaves emotional marks on the imagination, thus creating a collective memory; a space in which to be and to feel.

Choreography: Clébio Oliveira
Dancers: Dancers from Ballet da Cidade de Niteroi
Light Designer: Bruno Barreto
Costume: Cantão

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